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2009 CAST Tournament Results

Le Homme Dieu Results | Gull Lake #1 Results | Gull Lake #2 Results | Big Marine Results | TOC Results

Le Homme Dieu - Qualifier #1

Todd Stein and Nicole Gorshe resumed their old ways after taking much of last year off to have their new baby and won the season opening event at Le Homme Dieu in easy fashion. Todd and Nicole brought in a 14.75 lb limit which included the 3.65 lb Big Bass of the day. They eclipsed 2nd place Bob Kroone and Fran Pelikan by nearly 3 lbs as they assumed the top position in the standings and took home the first place money, Big Fish money, and Big Bucks side pot. Bob and Fran had a fine day as well, with 11.81 lbs, good for second place and cashing a check. Also in the money, in third place, was Steve and Patricia Howard who brought 11.77 lbs to the scales. All teams weighed in a 6 fish limit, and as expected for the Le Homme Dieu Chain, the standings were tight from top to bottom, with only hundreths of a pound separating some teams. No complaints were heard, as all teams enjoyed a rare "non-windy" day in the Alexandria region and basked in the comfortable 80 sunshine. For complete results, click here.







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