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2007 CAST Tournament Results

Le Homme Dieu Results | Gull Lake #1 Results | Gull Lake #2 Results | Bald Eagle/White Bear Results | TOC Results

Le Homme Dieu - Qualifier #1

A record 33 teams were ready to go

Kim Gibson and Terry Tretsven

Beautiful weather greeted a record field of 33 teams for the 2007 C.A.S.T. opener on the Le Homme Dieu Chain near Alexandria, MN. The fishing was a good as the weather, with 30 teams weighing in limits. In the end, Terry Tretsven and Kim Gibson led the field with 15.26 lbs, anchored by the Big Fish of the tournament - a 4.12 lunker that just edged out a 4.11 pounder brought in by the team of Steve and Patricia Howard. Terry and Kim were able to net the 1st place cash of $615, the Big Fish Pot of $310, as well as the Bonus Bucks payout of $206 for a total of $1,131 - the biggest single team payout in C.A.S.T.History. Second place went to the local team of Brett Bloedorn, fishing with his mother, Nancy with a nice bag weighing 14.86 lbs and cashing in on $300. Third place went to Steve Kordosky and Jennelle Shockner with 14.44 lbs. Steve and Jennelle netted the $150 third place money along with second place Bonus Bucks cash of $103 for a total of $253. Money was paid to 7th place, and every ounce mattered as the rest of the field was within a couple pounds of cashing a check. Click here for complete results.

Gull Lake #1 - Qualifier #2

Dan and Suzanne Niccum - 1st Place Jeremy and Jamie Neyens - 2nd Place Joe Hogan and Ann Leonard - 3rd Place

After a week of high winds, the weather gods throttled things back to a manageable level just in time to start the weekend of fishing on Gull Lake near Brainerd. 29 teams took to the water Friday morning to test their skills, and while the really big fish didn’t seem to be cooperating, 26 teams did bring in their 6 fish limits, with a tournametn average of 2 lbs. As usual, the outcome was close with 10 teams being within 2 lbs of cashing a check. As always seems to be the case, a few teams managed to get on the bigger fish and put themselves at the top of the standings. Dan and Suzanne Niccum led the way with a beautiful sack of fish weighing 17.43 lbs, along with the big fish of the day at 3.60 lbs. Dan and Suzanne netted $1,047 and a pair of Ranger jackets for their effort and put themselves into contention for Anglers of the Year. Second place went to newcomers Jeremy and Jamie Neyens with 15.11 lbs and thrid went to Joe Hogan and Ann Leonard with 14.18 lbs, also fishing their first C.A.S.T. event. Rounding out the money winners were the teams of Randy and Wendy Slepicka (14.07), Scott and Tammy Shroeder (13.83 lbs), and Chris and Tammy Zakashefski (13.80 lbs).

Gull Lake #2 - Qualifier #3

Ross Evans and Mindy Simons - 1st Steve and Patricia Howard - 2nd Megan Whalen and Brandon Cizek - 3rd

More beautiful weather greeted the 29 teams for he second of the two Gull Lake tournaments on Saturday, July 14. The fishing proved to be tougher than the Friday tournament for most of the teams, but a few managed to improve and find their way to the top of the leaderboard. Ross Evans and Mindy Simons cruised to the win with 17.51 lbs, earning them $810 and a pair of Ranger jackets. Ross and Mindy missed the first day, or may have been in contention for the two day bonus pot as well. Second place went to Steve and Patricia Howard with a nice 6 fish limit weighing in at 15.28 lbs, closely followed by local expert Brandon Cizek and Megan Whalen with 15.19 lbs. The tournament payed down to sixth place with the teams of Steve Kordosky and Jennelle Shockner (14.71 lbs), Brian Smude and Tania Denny (13.82 .bs) and Terry Tretsven fishing with Kim Gibson all cashing checks. The big fish of the day was a 4.11 lb pig brought in by the team of Scott and Lynne Peterson. The two day side pot was won by the first day winners Dan and Suzanne Niccum, which gave them another $320 to add to their first day winnings. Consistency through the first 3 tournaments put Kordosky / Shockner into the overall points lead for the C.A.S.T. Anglers of the Year award with 1 more qualifying tournament to go before the Tournament of Champions.

Bald Eagle/White Bear - Qualifier #4

Ross Evan and Mindy Simons
1st Place
  Kim Gibson and Terry Tretsven
2nd Place
  Lucas and Jessie DeYoung
3rd Place
  Tammy Schroeder
Big Fish

Day 1 on Bald Eagle started out windy, and stayed that way throughout the day. The bite was slow for some, while others found the right tricks and caught numerous fish. Day 1 leaders Lucas and Jessie DeYoung found themselves a nice little hot spot and led the day with 17.33 lbs, anchored by Jessie's 4.08 lb big fish of the day. Second for the day was the team of Terry Tretsven and Kim Gibson. Though nearly 5 pounds back of the leaders with 12.71 lbs, they later proved why they are considered to be a threat in almost every tournament.

Day 2 on White Bear turned out to be a beautiful day, as the heat broke and the winds subsided somewhat. This day saw some of the heaviest bags ever weighed in C.A.S.T. history. Several 14 and 15 pound sacks were brought to the scales, but none were to outdo the huge bag brought in by Ross Evans and Mindy Simons. The mixed bag of large and smallmouth bass topped the day at 20.79 lbs - the second biggest bag ever for one of our tournaments. It was more than enough to make up the 6 pound deficit they faced going into day two and earned them their second win of the season.

Terry and Kim brought a nice bag to the scales as well. Anchored by a 3.86 lb smallie, they weighed in 17.35 lbs to take second place, and a comfortable lead in the Anglers of the Year point standings. Lucas and Jessie had another good day by bringing in over 12 lbs of fish, but with the big bags coming in, slipped to a third place finish. Still a fantastic job by these two.

The big fish of the day was caught by Scott and Tammy Schroeder, just edging out Jessie's day one fish for the overall honors at 4.09 lbs.

With only the Tournament of Champions on Farm Island Lake remaining, Terry and Kim will be tough to catch for the overall title but still remain mathematically in reach of several teams. Had it not been for one missed tournament, Ross and Mindy would likely be right up there with them.

Click here to see complete results.

Tournament of Champions

Eleven teams participated in our TOC on Farm Island Lake in hopes of taking home the top prize and to settle out the Angler of the Year Awards. The winners of the event were Tony Dean and Karen Hamlyn with a nice 6 fish limit weighing in at 17.86 lbs. Contributing to the total weight was the Big Fish of the Tournament, and for the year, at 4.17 lbs. Tony and Karen took home $885 for their efforts and impressed everyone at weigh-in in the process. Second place went to last year's TOC winner Jeff Pfeffer and Nancy Kaczrowski with 16.51 lbs worth $300. Terry Tretsven and Kim Gibson finished third with 16.03 lbs and easily sealed the deal on winning their first C.A.S.T. Anglers of the Year award. Terry and Kim won over $1,800 for the season en route to the title - quite impressive for a couple mud wrestlers. Bill and Michelle Anderson and Mark and Paula Busch rounded out the top 5 at the tournament.

Final year standings were settled, and following Terry and Kim were Scott and Tammy Schroeder in second. Two time champions Todd Stein and Nicole Gorshe finished third for the year, losing a tiebreaker for second. Jeff Pfeffer and Nancy Kaczrowski finished fourth for the year on the strength of their great TOC finish, followed by Mark and Paula Busch in fifth.

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