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2006 CAST Tournament Results

BayLake Results | Whitefish #1 Results | Whitefish #2 Results | Big Marine Results | TOC Results

Bay Lake - Qualifier #1

Deerwood, MN - Todd Stein and Nicole Gorshe picked up right where they left last season by winning the C.A.S.T. season opener on Bay Lake. The 2005 Anglers of the Year bested the 17 boat field with 14.71 lbs. In a very close weigh in, second place went to Chris Hulback and Laura Claussen who weighed in 14.67 lbs and Luke DeYoung and Jessie Wratz came in third with 14.60 lbs which included the Big Fish of the day at 4.29 lbs.

The weather was absolutely perfect, and so was the fishing. All 17 teams brought in a limit (one fish was dropped at the dock and avoided being weighed). This is the closest weigh in ever for C.A.S.T.  - where  trailing the leader by half a pound meant out of the money. What a great way to start the season and congratulations to all our anglers for a great job fishing. Click here for complete results.

Whitefish #1 - Qualifier #2

Brandon Cizek and Megan Whalen took home top honors on day 1 of our two Whitefish Chain tournaments weighing in 14.28 lbs for their limit of 6 fish. Close behind was the team of Rick and Mindi Schwerzler with 14.19 lbs. Rounding out the money spots were John and Theresa Schlee in third with 13.19 and Steve Ketnes and Sylvia Przybilla with 12.43. 19 of 20 teams that brought fish to the scales weighed in a limit, with Randy and Wendy Slepicka boating the days biggest fish at 3.64 lbs and netting $210. Smaller fish rounded out the rest of the field which was tightly packed with just hundredths of a pound separating some teams. The weather was nice, warm, but windy, keeping some of the anglers from fishing their prime spots, but not keeping them from enjoying the day and catching fish. Click here for complete results.

Whitefish #2 - Qualifier #3

A little threatening weather greeted the anglers for day two on Whitefish, but fizzled away quickly leaving behind another beautiful day. With the winds down a bit, the weights were up slightly from day one. Todd Stein and Nicole Gorshe won their second tournament of the year by besting the 18 boat field with 14.90 lbs. Last years champs are well on course to repeat as C.A.S.T. champions in 2006 as they have jumped out to a huge points lead with only one more qualifying event and the TOC remaining. Todd and NIcole also eked out the top weight for the two days combined, to add an extra $300 to their winnings. Second place went to John and Theresa Schlee with 12.40 lbs, and they were narrowly beaten in the two day total. Third place went to Dan and Suzanne Niccum with 11.67 pounds anchored by a 4 lb smallie, the big fish of the day. Jim and Eileen Grave finished 4th with 11.48.

Again, nearly the entire field weighed in limits as the C.A.S.T. anglers proved they are no slouches when it comes to catching fish. There have only been two non limits this year, and two no- weighs, which is incredible for any tournament. This has made for some extremely close competition and some pretty fun weigh ins. Next up is Big Marine near Forest Lake on August 5th. Click here for complete results.


Big Marine - Qualifier #4

Steady winds made a tough bite even tougher for our Big Marine tournament, but as usual, the talented anglers caught fish and the majority of the teams were able to bring a limit to the scales. Topping the 13 boat field was the team of Kyle Schutta and Lindsey Rogers with 16.03 lbs that included the big fish of the day, a 3.79 pounder. Coming in second was one of our regulars on the circuit Luke DeYoung and Jessie Wratz with 14.13 pounds. Third place went to Dan and Suzanne Niccum with 12.41. This was their 3rd event, and the 3rd time they have finished 3rd. That's getting almost spooky. This was the last qualifier event of the season and sets the standings for the Tournament of Champions. Click here for complete results.

Congratualtions to Todd Stein and Nicole Gorshe for their second straight C.A.S.T. Championship. With only the Tournament of Champions remaining, their two wins and consistent top finishes have given them enough points to clinch the title

Tournament of Champions

Despite a week of nasty weather, the C.A.S.T. anglers managed to fit a tournament in between any heavy showers and actually ended up with a decent day for the most part. The fishing, however, proved tougher, as for the first time this year, limits were the exception rather than the rule. In fact, only one team managed a limit, and what a limit it was. Jeff Pfeffer and Barb Freudenberg didn't let the conditions hamper their fishing one bit, and came in with a new C.A.S.T. record of 6 fish weighing 21.10 lbs. - blowing away second place by over 10 pounds. Jeff and Barb also had the big fish of the tournament - a 4.61 whopper which also took home Big Fish of the Year honors. They also earned  $640 for their effort. Not too shabby for an 8 boat tournament. Congratulations to Jeff and Barb on their Tournament of Champions victory. Second place went to John and Theresa Schlee with 11.02 lbs on 5 fish, and 3rd went to the C.A.S.T. Anglers of the Year for 2006 Todd Stein and Nicole Gorshe with 10.09 lbs. Click here for complete results.

 2006 Final Standings