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2005 CAST Tournament Results

North and South Center Results | Le Homme Dieu Results | Gull Lake # 1 Results | Gull Lake # 2 Results | TOC Results

North and South Center - Qualifier #1

For the first time in 2 years, the CAST anglers were met with threatening weather for the season opener at North and South Center Lake. Though it remained cloudy and hazy most of the day, little rain and no thunder or lightning interrupted the fishing or the weigh in. The tournament was won by Terry and Sheryl Tretsven with 16.96 pounds. An awesome, but not unpredictable job by Terry and his wife. The win automatically qualifies Terry and Sheryl for the TOC in September, not to mention it made them $360 richer. Second place went to Cary and Dawn Sederberg with a very nice bag of 6 fish weighing in at 14.47 pounds. Finishing third was Todd Stein and partner Nicole Gorshe with 13.41 pounds along with the big fish of the tournament caught by Nicole weighing in at 3.73 lbs. For complete results, click here.

Le Home Dieu - Qualifier #2

Plenty of hot weather was on tap for our annual Le Homme Dieu Tournament. Fishing proved to be pretty slow for most of the anglers relative to the large numbers of fish usually biting on the chain. Still, almost all the teams brought in a limit and the standings were extremely tight, with only about 3 pounds separating the top 8 teams. A nice consistent bag of fish weighing in at 12.95 lbs proved to be the winning weight and was brought in by local anglers Mike and Christina Mohr. The win got them $300 and an automatic qualification into the TOC. Great job guys, and congratulations on your win! Second place wnt to Rick and Mindi Sue Schwazler with 12.57 lbs. The Big Fish award went to Todd Stein and Nicole Gorshe for the second time in a row with a 3.11 lb bass. For complete results, click here.

Gull Lake 1 - Qualifier #3

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Gull Lake 2 - Qualifier #4

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Tournament of Champions

2005 Final Standings