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2004 CAST Tournament Results

Gull Lake # 1 Results | Gull Lake # 2 Results | Le Homme Dieu Results | Forest Lake Results | TOC Results | 2004 Final Standings

Gull Lake Qualifier #1

The first C.A.S.T. Tournament started out with ten teams on Gull Lake on July 9th. The day began with a hazy overcast and light winds. As the morning progressed, the clouds cleared and the sun came out, along with the wind dying down to next to nothing. A rare sight to see Gull Lake so calm in the middle of the day. Almost every team came in with a limit, with 58 of a possible 60 fish being weighed in. With several teams weighing in fish over 3 pounds, the fish appeared to be pretty cooperative. Several "local" contestants brought in some smaller weights, as they were more pre-fishing for another tournament later in the weekend. The winners were Mark and Paula, anchored by the 4.74 lb "big fish" of the tournament with a sack of 15.54 pounds. Second place went to Jer Kretzman with 14.74 lbs, followed closely by his father Greg Kretzman and Tameaka Crocker with 14.16 lbs. For complete results, click here.

Gull Lake Qualifier #2

Day 2 on Gull was the second of 4 qualifying tournaments on the way to the C.A.S.T. series championship. The day started out with dense fog delaying the start for over an hour and a half. Things finally got rolling as the fog began to burn off, and everyone was back to fishing. The bite seemed a little tougher on day two, yet all the teams but one still managed to catch a limit of 6 bass. Leading the way was the team of Princesa Van Buren and Brad Hanson with 13.83 lbs. Second place went to Greg Kretzman and Tameaka Crocker with 12.92 lbs along with the big fish of the tournament weighing 3.77 lbs. Third place went to Jer Kretzman and Tanja Ahltren with 10.66 lbs. Greg and Tameaka also captured the two day total bonus payout by edging out Princesa and Brad. For complete results, click here. The point lead was held by Mark and Paula, though they were only able to bring in two fish. The point spread couldn't be any closer, as the top four are separated by one point increments in the overall standings.

Le Home Dieu Qualifier #3

Another beautiful day greeted the anglers for the Le Homme Dieu qualifier. The fish cooperated and most teams found plenty of bites, though many were small, typical for the Le Homme Dieu Chain. This reputation of size didn't bother the top two teams, as Marshall and Julie Adams blew away the competition with an incredible 18.95 lb bag of fish, capped off with the big fish of the tournament which weighed in at 4.34 lbs. This is about the nicest bag I've ever seen on this lake, and congrats go out to these two for searching out the big ones. Second place went to local residents Dave and Karla Miller with 16.47 lbs, a great bag of fish for 6 fish that would normally have a great shot at winning. Great job Anglers! For complete results, click here. The point lead was held by Mark and Paula, who finished a distant third with 13.81 lbs. The point standings remain close and the Anglers of the Year award is still up for grabs, as several teams are within striking distance going into the final qualifier at Forest Lake. A good turnout at Forest could give nearly anyone a chance, so stayed tuned. See the overall standings here.

Forest Lake Qualifier #4

The odds of getting 4 gorgeous days with no rain or wind seem nearly impossible, but that's exactly what happened this year with all four Qualifiers. Though the weather was beautiful, the bite on Forest Lake proved to be tough for most of the competitors, and finding the bigger fish was even tougher. But as usual, someone finds something a little different, and Chris Hansen and Sarah Fosholm did just that and brought in a nice 6 fish limit weighing 15.67 lbs to take first place and a $340 check. Second place went to Terry and Sheryl Tretsven with 12.81, good for $170. Third place went to John Roundsly and Patti Heitland who weighed in 11.75 lbs and received $75 for their effort. John and Patti took third by winning a tie breaker over Princesa Van Buren and Brad Hanson, which shows just how important weighing that big fish can be, even if it doesn't have a chance to win the big fish pot. The big fish of the tournament was caught by the team of Jim Belamy and Pam Jones with a 3.46 pounder. For complete results, click here. Princessa and Brad came away with the Season Points Championship by beating Mark and Paula by 3 spots, just what they needed to pass them up in the standings.

Rush Lake - Tournament of Champions

Yet another perfect day weather wise greeted the anglers for the TOC. Marshall and Julie Adams, winners of our Le Homme Dieu qualifier, came out on top in the first ever C.A.S.T. Tournament of Champions, held on Rush Lake September 25th, 2004. While most teams struggled to find the big fish, which is rare for Rush, Marshall and Julie were able to put together a nice 6 fish limit weighing in at 16.34 pounds. Congratulations to our 2004 C.A.S.T. Champions for a great job and a nice victory which earned them a first place check of $400. The tournament featured 3 of the qualifier winners, along with several other teams from the top 10 in the season standings. Second place went to Mark Busch and Paula Bloom who weighed in 5 fish for 13.88 pounds, narrowly beating out Cory and Tracy Frantzik who had 6 fish for 13.41 pounds. Mark and Paula's bag was anchored by a 5.49 lb whopper that took the Big Fish purse as well. The fish was caught within 100 yards of the weigh in with only 5 minutes left in the tournament. This just goes to show you those last few minutes of fishing can pay off big, as this one fish earned them the $200 second place check along with $120 for Big Fish. For complete results, click here.


2003 Le Homme Dieu Tournament Results